Sandi Radomski

Sandi Radomski is a psychotherapist and Naturopathic doctor. She has combined her 40 years of clinical experience, her medical background and her extensive knowledge of Energy Psychology techniques to create her Allergy Antidotes system for eliminating the physical and emotional symptoms caused by reactions to what we eat, smell or touch.

Allergy Antidotes is based on the concept that allergies are learned. They are learned by association in time of the substance with a trauma or stress. The body then sees the substance as dangerous and initiates an inflammatory reaction to protect you.

After 20 years of doing this work, Sandi has found that we can essentially develop an "allergy" to anything including beliefs, thoughts and even money. All of her work is designed to retrain your body that those substances or positive beliefs are in fact good for you.

Always seeking new and innovative techniques, Sandi is the first to use lasers on reflex points on the ears to retrain the body to be in alignment with substances as well as with affirmations of what we desire.

Several years ago Sandi co created Ask and Receive with her business partner Tom Altaffer. It is based on the concept that we all have a higher, broader perspective that knows exactly what we need to do to get what we want. Unfortunately, we do not always have access to this higher states information. They have found that merely by repeating the five statements of Ask & Receive, you are able to access your higher states information and bring it into your current reality.

Sandi teaches nationally and internationally. She works with individuals by phone or Skype.

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