Rebecca Quave

Rebecca is here to lovingly guide and support you through your own unique process of awakening and transformation.

Known as The Metamorphosis Mentor, she knows that just like the beautiful butterfly, you have all that you need already inside of you. Rebecca gently and joyfully holds you in that loving knowing, while serving as a catalyst for you to unfold into your highest vibration and express your true divine state of being.

Because of her loving and surrendered nature, which embraces you and your personal journey exactly as you are while supporting and guiding your unique process (still with strength and laser focus), you could describe Rebecca as a 'midwife of spiritual expansion.'

Rebecca pinpoints areas of disharmony and supports you in bringing seeking to completion

"You will not see her dressed in robes or going by any special name. She brings with her no rules, no dogma, no rhetoric. Yet the presence she carries is undeniable."

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