John Newton

John Newton has worked as a professional actor since 1986. He discovered early on, however, that his true calling was helping people with physical and emotional issues, often in a matter of minutes. "A gift we all have", John insists.

It became apparent as more and more people came to him for help, that acting was more of a lucrative hobby than a career. He felt his 'soul' purpose was to help people reconnect with their true and eternal nature and to do so with total physical and emotional health.

With 26+ years of daily meditation and intense practice of higher states of consciousness, John is able to enter the gap between thoughts for extended periods. This pure state of conscious awareness is strikingly similar to what Einstein and Stern described in their Zero Point theories. In this state, John helps remove the burdens that affect well-being.

Health Beyond Belief was founded by John as a platform to share this work and it's resulting transformation with people around the world. He affects well-being by helping remove the blocks, burdens and debris from people's lives and ancestral lineages restoring physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

John's thousands of clients include doctors, therapists, clergy, political figures, professional athletes, law enforcement, combat veterans, and a myriad of entertainment professionals. He also practices alongside medical professionals in hospital and clinical environments. Currently John is working at The Betty Ford Center with Dr. Peter Przekop in the Pain Management Program on one of the most difficult to treat populations in the medical world: Patients with the dual diagnosis of chronic pain and chemical dependency.

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