Haya Baker

Haya Baker (Winiarz) is the founder of Divine Integration Healing and a trailblazer of conscious evolution.

For decades, Haya has been evoking blossoming health, soul liberation, and unifying love within the hearts of individuals and families worldwide.

Haya routinely facilitates transformation of stress, pain, fear and conflict into gateways to the gifts and calling of one's unique soul.

Through Haya's powerfully effective modality, her clients learn to liberate their innate vitality, wisdom, and unbound joy.

They access expansive, physical, emotional and spiritual self healing, and actualization.

They transform from victims of circumstance to nurturers of their own life, ultimately to become conduits of divine blessing for others and for the world.

Since graduating with honors from Colombia University and from NYU, Haya, an environmental educator, has dedicated herself to reviving our world through return to our authentic selves, and to ultimate partnership with our very Source within.

As a Logotherapist, Haya draws upon the profound teachings of renown neurologist, Dr. Viktor E. Frankl.

Haya is inspired by the possible implications of quantum physics and by the thought experiments of the late eminent theoretical physicist, Dr. John Archibald Wheeler.

Haya's work is most deeply informed, however, by the all embracing, divine mystical wisdom of the Torah, as passed down through the ages by the prophets and sages.

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