Dawn Clark

Dawn Clark is a creator of next-generation technologies, frameworks, and tools for individual, organizational, and global transformation. Standing at the nexus of science and spirituality, Dawn teaches non-linear strategies for success that empower people from all walks of life to unlock their potential, foster innovation, transform work and play, and reshape not only their own future, but also the future of the planet.

Known for her authenticity and far-reaching vision, Dawn melds unique insights gained from her near-death experiences with emerging research in the fields of physics, brain science, psychology, fractals, biochemistry, and computer science. Dawn counsels and advises people from all walks of life, including Fortune 100 executives, celebrities, nonprofit leaders, medical professionals, scientists, artists, teachers, clergy, and families. She is the inventor of proprietary technology that has been shown to boost bio-photonic output (life force) and balance brain waves in such a way as to enhance learning and access to our multiple intelligences.

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